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Transfer your PHP website to another host Move hosting
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Transfer your PHP website to another host Move hosting
Price: $28.00

transfer your website to another host for $28


There are several reasons you may want to change your hosting company. Perhaps your old one has downtime, not enough space, or you have found a cheaper hosting plan.

Okay, you have been thinking of moving your website to another hosting plan for quite sometime but always being pulled back by the tough of it. Complexity and unknowns are always there to stop you from moving your entire site. Perhaps you are worried something may go wrong during the transfer.

We will transfer any PHP/MySQL website from your old server to your new server.

No hidden charges or conditions.

ANY PHP script on ANY Linux server.

PHP is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. To function correctly, a PHP script must be installed properly.

We will move any PHP website, including those for shopping carts, blogs, forums, auction websites, chat scripts, classified Ads content management, customer support, user management, search engines, link exchanges, etc.
Our PHP website transfer service includes:
       You provide us with access to your current site, we will take a full backup of it
       Transferring all files to your web host via FTP or SSH
Create or import all necessary SQL database tables using MySQL
       Assist you in pointing your domain to your new server
       Test your website, complete transfer and fix small bugs

What we need after payment clearance:

Your temporary FTP & Control Panel login details of your old server and new server.

You can send us these via email
support [at] iqdeal.com

Our Promise To You:

  • Your privacy and file security is guaranteed!

  • Your PHP website will be moved within 1-2 working days or IT'S FREE!

More information:

We do not want your website or its contents to be at risk.

We will need certain access to your website to move your site, but please feel free to create temporary accounts,
usernames and passwords for me to move your site, then delete or disable them once we are finished.



If you have an urgent need to have your site moved right away, contact us via ask seller a question. In most cases during business hours, we can arrange for your site to be moved within 2-4 hours.

We can also customize your script by modifying the functionality, logo, footer, layout, colors, etc. to tailor more to your specific needs. This service is also offered at an additional charge, based on the extent and complexity of your request.
For more information on script customization, please ask us a question.


If your site is not moved and configured by the end of the next business day, it's free! Average wait time for PHP website transfer is 2-6 hours.

About us 

We are a team of highly qualified web designers and web programmers. In the last 5+ years we offered our clients the best web services. Some of them are complex object oriented web programming, content management systems, forums, shopping carts, e-commerce, great web design creating, browsers compatibility, SEO and more.

We use international coding standards (XHTML, PHP coding standard and more) and deliver nice and clean code that is well documented and easy for future modifications and improvements. We do quality testing and we use CVS for managing our projects.

Most of our clients are UK based. We also have clients from
Ireland, USA, China, Australia, Germany and other countries as well. Contact us now and join our happy clients list.
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